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slow day | April 5, 2011

So jacob wasn’t feeling well when we got up this morning and I debated on if I should go to work or not, but he seemed to get better once he finally ate.
Then my manager phoned to tell me it was such a slow day today that she only had two clients booked in the afternoon and I had nothing so if I wanted I could take a voluntary day off. She assured me she wasn’t cutting my hours but there was no point in me coming in if there was nothing to do. So now I’m sitting here w a kid that seems to be fine now and nothing to do. Maybe ill take and vacuum the porch and work on my cross stitching project and then have a nap w jacob and then take him outside for a run around the block! Days like today I wish I lived closer to a mall so we could go walk around for a couple hours! Ack! Well I’m gonna go now!


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