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Ugh | October 14, 2010

I’m sorry it’s been so long for an update, things have been pretty wild lately, i’ve recently returned to work and all that fun stuff, i love my job!

Then yesterday i went to bed with a sore neck, took an advil and went to sleep. woke up with Jacob jumping on my tummy and causing my neck to hurt even more then the night before. i couldn’t move my neck so i called my doctor’s office to get an appt and as usual my dr was booked so i went to another dr in the office. Had to call my manager to tell her i wouldn’t be into work.

She checked me and asked me some questions and decided to send me to get blood work done as i had pretty much all the symptoms for early¬†Meningitis, except the fever, but i had taken another advil just before i had left the house. She told me to stay at home and take my temperature later in the day when the advil would’ve worn off.

I Got blood work done, then went home and slept for almost 4 hrs. with a Magic Bag wrapped around my neck, bc i wasn’t allowed to take anymore medication. God Bless those Magic bags!!!

So by 5 pm i hadn’t heard from the dr and i wanted to know what was going on so i could tell my manager what was going on, the receptionist said she’d get a nurse to call me back. well half hour later a nurse did call me back and she said that my dr liked personally calling his patients to review the results so she’d leave him a note to contact me immediately.

My dr doesn’t work until the afternoons, so guess who’s off work yet again! eff! Bc if i did have Meningitis it’s contagious and that’s the last thing i need to bring into work! ugh!!!

Well i need to sleep. i thought i’d post so if anyone is reading this blog that they’d know i’m still alive… barely… but alive…

I’ll update another day about everything else going on.



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