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Eventful morning – April 2nd, 2010 | April 7, 2010

So as I promised I will tell you about my April Fools Joke yesterday, but right now i’m going to tell you what time i got to bed last night… ALMOST THREE AM!!!!!


God damn fucking kids!!!!! That stupid kiddy gang that drive me up the fucking wall most nights by by 1 am are off the streets… no last night decide to play in my back yard, which is muddy as hell so i could just imagine what it looks like today. then ran up and down the sidewalk between my house and my neighbours then were throwing rocks at vehicles.  At one point they were fighting and one kid got hurt and was laying on the middle of the road. Now if someone had driven down the road he could’ve been killed!!!

So i phoned Mobile Crisis and they said the best thing to do is phone the police, so i did and gave them all the details and once i hung up i kinda kept an eye out my window when i noticed a cop car down at the end of the street and the kids had scattered like little rats. so i grabbed my keys locked the door and went outside when i noticed another cop car on the side street by my house, the officer driving shone his light on me and drove up in front of my house. I told them who i was and they told me that they caught the kids and told them all to go home or else.

Thank god! I even noticed few days after the cops would make rounds. So far it’s been quiet!

So April Fools joke, i just couldn’t think of one to do, then i thought hmm i’m gonna call joey at work and tell him jacob went pee on the potty… so i phoned… he was out driving 😦 so i had to wait until he got home. So i texted my sister and told her that and she didn’t fall for it. Called my mom, same, she said “you have to get up a bit earlier to try to fool me”

Finally Joey got home from work. so i said to him “guess what! Jacob went pee on his potty today!” Joey got soo excited he says to jacob “hey my big man did you pee on your potty! right on! Gimme a high five!” and i was laughing so hard when joey turned around and he looked at me and i said “april fools!” what did he say in reply? “FUCK YOU!!!” he was soooo mad LOL!

So joey went to have a bath and i decided i needed to try to get one more person… hmm…. oh yes! i’ll get Linda, joey’s mom! so i phoned her and we talked a bit then i said “hey guess what jacob did today? he peed on the potty!” she got even more excited then joey had and was going on about what a big boy he is etc etc when i said “hey linda…april fools!!” and she stopped, got all quiet and said “i think i have to hang up on you now!” then admitted it was a pretty good joke and that i’m not going to be able to use Jacob for my evil april fools jokes for much longer and that the joke was realistic b/c jacob could be potty training right now. 🙂 yep i’m that good!!

Oh and my mom tried getting my dad by saying there was a moose in the yard… but he didn’t fall for it! lol

Anyhoo i’m gonna go now bed is calling me 🙂



  1. You did the right thing with the kids playing out your door so late. Calling the police is the safest thing for you to do, and it deters the kids from causing trouble (most of the time). I’m glad that you and your family didn’t get hurt.
    Wow! That was a gutsy April Fool’s joke to play on both Joey and his mom. I thought you and your mother-in-law weren’t speaking to each other. You had that big fight, and she was acting crazy. I didn’t think you even associated with her anymore. I assume you made up??
    I played an April Fool’s joke on Mike. I told him that I found a puppy. I played it up really well, and he brought home puppy food. Then, I had to tell him the truth. He said I really got him. Normally I don’t do those kinds of jokes, because to me they are cruel to the victim. He “gets” me a lot though. He doesn’t have to say much, but then I’m believing him. And he laughs and tells me the truth. I figure I’m just gullible (I believe anything) 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the next post.

    Comment by Terrie (from Indy) — April 7, 2010 @ 8:41 pm

  2. lol oh terrie i was writing you a letter telling you about our ‘reunion’ with joey’s mom, we’ve been talking with her again since Feb, and she’s 100x’s better then she was before!
    I’m very happy to where my life has gone.
    LOL awww what a great joke on Mike i can’t believe he fell for it! didn’t know he was a sucker for things like that lol!!!
    that gives me an idea for next year lol *devil horns*
    Hope you are well!

    Comment by countrymousemom — April 7, 2010 @ 8:58 pm

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