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HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! | April 1, 2010

So it’s April First today… we all know what that means! Its the day people prank eachother left right and center. my mom is a master prankster, she gets us every year and even last year got my dad and he was in BC!!! haha! I’ll tell you tonight what she does today. I’m concerned she might do something to me as it’s been a while since she’s “gotten” me! Hopefully she focuses her energy on my dad LOL

I’ve done a share of my own pranks, tho i have only two “Epic” pranks. One was about 4 years ago I typed up a long sexually explicit letter to my then manager, put it in an envelope, stepped on it, had a guy friend write her name on it, and had the girls at work in on it, also her friends and her sister and mom were in on it.

The story was i found the letter outside the shop and thought it might be important for some reason, so she sits in the back room and starts reading it, her colour drained from her face and she shoved the letter at me and was like OMG READ IT! of course i didn’t read it i just pretended to and was like omg wtf i had her going for an hour, she was losing her mind, she was ready to pack up her stuff and quit, she was scared of who it was and didn’t know who it was, kept asking me if i did it on a lark, of course i denied it saying why would i send you THAT? all the while i was saying “yah well can you believe its april 1st??” hehe

Finally she caught on and was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! i told her who was all in on it and she was like MY MOM?!?! my sister??!?! ha… yah she threatened to get me back but i ended up quitting before she could get me back 🙂

Last year I called Joey at work and said “OMG you’ll never believe it! Jacob walked across the room!!! OMG!!!” so when joey came home he was like “Jacob come walk to daddy! my big walking boy!” meanwhile i have my face smashed into the wall behind Joey b/c i’m laughing sooooo hard. Finally i caught my breath and said to joey “hey hun…” and he was like what? absentmindedly. “APRIL FOOLS!”  oh he was sooooo mad!!! LOL Then i thought when Jacob actually walks Joey’s not gonna believe me.

I want to get joey this year, but i don’t know how to do it… the whole Jacob walking thing was pretty epic. I was thinking if i could find my old pregnancy tests from when i was pregnant with jacob i’d tell him i’m pregnant, then i thought no that’s no good. I just need something… something to inspire me to get him!!!

But I’m blank! i’m prank dry!!…

OHHHHH!!! I should use one of the classic ones my mom used… tell joey the toliet overflowed!! muhahahahaha its a tame one but its a good’er!!!

Will let you know how it works…


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