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Quick update | March 30, 2010

my nose … well like the area beside my nose is twitching… it won’t stop!!! ugh!! Jacob’s playing in the bathroom, dumping his trains into the bathtub… as long as he stays out of the toliet i’ll be fine.

I went to throw garbage out earlier and when i opened the dumpster lid there were two dead turtles staring lifelessly up at me… EWWWW i almost puked!  I think they were my neighbours, her kids threw out a bunch of garbage yesterday… but seriously at least give the poor turtles a proper deep throw into the garbage not sitting on top… uuughhh!!

My cough just won’t go away, it’s driving me bonkers. Hope maybe my dr has something to say about it. only 2 1/2 hours until my dr appt… yay…


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